Let’s do this 2018!

Page 1 of 365! OK technically it’s page 8 (or is it page 9?)… but you know how those early January days all kind of blend together?! Oh 2018 we are so glad to see you, but gosh you have a lot to live up to because 2017 was pretty freaking good. And my good we mean huge – our biggest every fundraising year in Australia, we smashed our global target and Megan and Harry got engaged. But you know what 2018, we’ve got a good feeling about you.

One thing we’ve learnt over our years at Kiss Goodbye to MS is to dream big. A few years ago when we set the audacious fundraising target of $1 million we had a fluttering heart which bordered along the lines of heart palpitations. But you guys did it!! You believed in our dream and you made it happen. And you’ve backed us every year since raising more than $1 million for MS Research Australia 3 years on a row. The heart palpitations have been well and truly replaced with warm and fuzzies.

So what’s next for us here at Kiss Goodbye to MS?! Yep, you guessed it! We’re going even bigger in 2018. In 2018 MS Research Australia is funding even more MS research and Kiss Goodbye to MS is stepping up. This year we’ve set a few big dreams, goals and do-lists. They’re big, they’re scary, they’re making us uncomfortable (yep, those heart palpitations are back!). But outside your comfort zone is wear the magic happens so we’re going for it.

2018 to-do list
– Raise over $1.25 million dollars for MS Research Australia
– Double (yep, double) the amount of people that are a part of our community
– Rally more in-house volunteers to help us kick goals (email us if this sounds like you!)
– Find even more celeb ambassadors (Meghan Markle we’re looking at you)
– Get Ellen talking about Kiss Goodbye to MS… told you we’re going big!

Told you 2018 is big and scary. But we know with you guys backing us this year is going to be huge. Stay tuned! Xx The Kiss Team