Tanja Voss

Do you remember our superstar fundraiser Loz Hunt who held three movie nights over the years and whose best friend Tanya and husband Rohan climbed Mera Peak for Kiss Goodbye to MS last year? Yes? You’re the best! No? Let us jog your memory real fast. Loz has been part of our infamous MS Squad for […]

26 July, 2018
Tanja Voss

Teenage problems usually consist out of love sickness and deciding which career path is the right one – a MS diagnosis certainly isn’t on the radar! Our new Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassador Jemma Barsby was diagnosed with MS at only 19 years old. Jemma grew up in a very sporty family who’s backyard cricket […]

23 July, 2018
Tanja Voss

Into the wilderness of the Mongolian terrain, through extremes of heat and cold, wild dogs and native wolves, dust and driving rain, there are many elements that make up the Mongol Derby. Known to be the longest and toughest horse race on earth, its unpredictable nature makes it a risk for those who dare to […]

19 July, 2018