Meet Adriana Condello

Whilst being diagnosed with MS is one of the most confronting things that can happen to a young woman, there are many misconceptions and myths that need to be debunked. Over the past decade we have gone from having 2 types of treatments, to now having 12 MS treatments available.  Research has shown that if people are diagnosed earlier the outcome is better because treatment delays the disease’s progression. Our amazing ambassador, Adriana Condello, is proof of just that.

Adriana was diagnosed with MS when she was 26, and like many she feared the worst, “I thought that by the time I was thirty I would definitely be in a wheelchair.” However, for the majority of those diagnosed, this is not the case. With new therapies available and treatments progressing every day, the outlook for many people like Adriana to live a full and active life without the need to use a wheelchair at all is very likely. Adriana is currently pregnant with twins (!) and running her own business – we actually don’t know how she does everything!

Adriana is a passionate champion of the importance of funding research into MS and has been a dedicated fundraiser for Kiss Goodbye to MS. Just a few years ago she fundraised and donated $70,000 to support Professor Alan Baxter’s research project, which is investigating immune gene networks to understand risk in MS.  However, she could not do everything that she does alone. Adriana has a supportive network of family and friends around her – particularly her parents Franca and Angelo Grasso, who hold annual events in Victoria to raise funds, and at the moment are running a raffle in support of Kiss Goodbye to MS.

As Adriana says herself, “Just because we have MS doesn’t mean we’re not normal, and we can still have normal things happen to us.” Kiss Goodbye to MS is a campaign about hope, and whilst we know that times can be tough sometimes, we are so optimistic that through new research and breakthroughs, every person diagnosed with MS can lead the life he or she wants to lead. Like anyone, Adriana has her ups and downs but we are so happy to see her glowing through her pregnancy and living well with her MS. We wish Adriana the best of luck with her imminent bundles of joy and are happy to help out with any babysitting duties she needs!