The biggest World MS Day EVER!

World MS Day: we hyped it up. We spread the word. We reminded you…Every. Single. Week.  And BOY did you guys deliver! World MS Day 2017 was HUGE and we are so thankful to everyone who got involved. Across the globe, thousands of supporters raised awareness and funds for MS. Together we got the world talking.

Social media was absolutely buzzing on 31st May, with thousands of #KissGoodbyeToMS hashtags flooding Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We saw hundreds of pictures of fabulous morning teas, office parties and even a red themed F45 workout! Alongside these awesome events, our newsfeed was red lippy pics galore. Now, we know we shouldn’t have favourites, but we have to admit that our absolute fave surprise of the day was the number of puppies supporting Kiss Goodbye to MS! In addition to the fun pooch pics, the #LifeWithMS hashtag also provided users with a chance to share their tips for living well with the disease.

It wasn’t just social media that was spreading awareness, the media got in on the fun too! Our amazing Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassador Jessica Rudd kicked things off on The Morning Show, sharing the importance for research into MS and her relationship to the campaign. Kiss Goodbye to MS also went behind the scenes at The Daily Edition, where our ambassador Rochelle Collis, her wonderful sister Vianna and our very own Research Development Coordinator Dr Hamish Campbell were interviewed for a special piece on World MS Day. It’s fair to say there were a few backstage nerves but after a dab of powder (or two or three for our colleague Dr Campbell…) and a deep breath, the three were naturals in front of the camera.

Never ones to miss an occasion to celebrate, here at the Kiss Goodbye to MS HQ we also hosted our own Red Afternoon Tea. We had everything. And we mean everything. Red fruit, red lollies, red balloons, red cups, red straws…you get the idea. The afternoon was a perfect way to take a quick minute away from the craziness of May and reflect upon the amazing support of the community. And just like the Christmas tinsel every year, we can’t quite bring ourselves to take our decorations down yet (read: we’re too lazy), so our beautiful bunting is still adorning our office walls.

We are so overwhelmed at the support from the MS community this World MS Day, and are so pleased in the knowledge that thanks to you all, thousands of people across the world are now enlightened towards the reality of this disease. What’s more, the Kiss Goodbye to MS Aussie campaign saw an incredible $20,000 worth of donations in the 48 hours following World MS Day, which is absolutely unprecedented. And we still have more to come! So THANK YOU and here’s to next year.