Brokenwood Wines Kiss Goodbye to MS!

As if we needed another reason to love Brokenwood Wines (a bottle of ‘Cricket Pitch’ anyone?), they’ve just given us one more. The wonderful sommeliers at the Brokenwood Winery in the Hunter Valley recently hosted a weekend of fundraising in support of Kiss Goodbye to MS this May.

Throughout the 6th and 7th May, the Brokenwood Cellar Door was decorated with all things Kiss Goodbye to MS: balloons, posters, stickers. What’s more, the amazing employees all rocked our Kiss Goodbye to MS T-Shirts and perfect red lips! With information postcards on hand to spread awareness to customers about the reality of MS, the weekend was instrumental in highlighting the importance of continued research into the disease.

Organised by the amazing Fraiah McDonald, who has been living with MS for three years, the weekend is just one of the amazing ways Brokenwood have supported Fraiah on her journey. For many, telling employers about an MS diagnosis can be an intimidating prospect. For Fraiah, she couldn’t have asked for more from her managers, “Brokenwood have been extremely supportive of me. From when I first started to have symptoms and needed to have time off for doctor’s appointments and tests to now, while I’m in remission and doing well.”

The team have been there for Fraiah every step of the way, and accommodated her needs and workplace responsibility accordingly. “Even since my diagnosis, Brokenwood have been investing money into me as an employee by sending me to a number of different courses so that I can extend my knowledge in the wine industry. I am very lucky to work for a business that is so supportive of their employees.” When Fraiah pitched the idea of fundraising for Kiss Goodbye to MS to the Brokenwood management, she initially suggested a small contribution. When the management got back to her with the idea of dedicating a whole weekend to the campaign and donating $2 per every bottle sold, she was over the moon! Over the course of the weekend, the Brokenwood team raised just under $1,500 for research into MS, which is absolutely fantastic!

For those living with MS, having a supportive network to rely upon is essential. Whilst family and friends, of course, play such a key, dominant factor, the role of an understanding employer should not be overlooked. Here at Kiss Goodbye to MS, we want to send a huge thank you to Fraiah and all the team at Brokenwood for supporting the campaign this May. Fundraising and fine wine? We’ll cheers to that!

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