Cube – The Dream Team!

Here at Kiss Goodbye to MS we rely upon our amazing pro-bono partners and none more so than Cube. The incredibly talented team at Cube, led by Susannah and Anne-Marie, work tirelessly to spread the Kiss Goodbye to MS message across the nation. The girls really give this campaign their all and often work late into the night to make sure everything is just right for the morning press!

The Cube team work with the Australian Media to make sure Kiss Goodbye to MS is on everybody’s lips. Thanks to Cube, the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign has been covered by Vogue Australia, The Daily Mail, Women’s Health Australia and 7 News Melbourne. This type of exposure is so important in raising awareness and highlighting the need for research into MS.

We are so lucky to have such a dedicated team offering their expertise free of charge so that we have more money to dedicate to fundraising and combatting MS. A huge thank you to the entire Cube team – we promise the sleepless nights will be over soon!