Emma Giunti AKA super-mum

The other night one of Emma’s little girls was unwell. She was up and down all night with her, wiping noses, giving the cuddles only a mum can give, and drying tears. The next morning, after only a few hours of sleep, Emma posted on Facebook, saying how lucky she is. Not too many mum’s are feeling lucky after 3.5 hours sleep and 100 snotty tissues later, but Emma is grateful for all that she has in her life.

“As I was lying in bed in the early hours I was thinking about parents that suffer really badly with their MS symptoms. How do they cope in these situations? Trying to care for their child and keep it together themselves. Imagine stumbling out of bed half asleep at 2am with balance issues to help your sick child…”

Emma is ‘one of the lucky ones’. Her MS symptoms have been mild since she was diagnosed on the day she returned from her honeymoon. She is a super-mum to two beautiful little girls, a wife to Tony, and an Ambassador for Kiss Goodbye to MS. And that is just a few of the hats she wears!

This year, as well as being a super mum (snotty tissues and all) she is also fundraising for research into MS. Emma has taken on a 31 day challenge, wearing red every day in May. And we aren’t just talking about a red nail polish or red lippy. Emma and her mum Susan have been collecting red clothing for months. Each day in May, as Emma does the morning rush, which anyone with a school aged child and a toddler will empathise with, she is also donning herself in a head to toe red outfit.

Emma has an amazing community around her, and has raised over $2,000 for Kiss Goodbye to MS. Her local paper featured her on the front page, and social media been flooded with messages of support. Emma isn’t doing this just for her own future. She is raising funds so that Australian’s living with MS will have better treatments for MS, and ultimately to bring us closer to finding a cure.

As the rain sets in here in Sydney, Emma tells us to fear not… she has her red gumboots on standby! And we think any grown woman rocking a red gumboot deserves our support. Head to Emma’s fundraising page to donate today, or follow  her journey on Instagram.