Claudia is facing MS head on by taking on The May 50K

Everyone confronts the adversities they face in life in a different way. Claudia is tackling her recent MS diagnosis the only way she knows how – by taking on The May 50K and accelerating research into MS! 🤩💪🏻

But first, let us tell you a little more about Claudia…

In February this year, Claudia visited the doctor due to numbness that stretched from her collarbone down her entire left side.

“I was swiftly admitted to the Emergency Department where I began my 4-day journey of being a human pin cushion”.

Claudia underwent multiple scans and tests, including CT scans, three MRI’s, a lumbar puncture and over 13 blood tests.  After four days, the doctors revealed what no young woman wants to hear…

Claudia had been diagnosed with MS. 💔

After the initial shock, Claudia quickly started thinking: “What can I do about it other than my ongoing treatment? What’s going to help people who have this disease who are worse off than me?”  The answer? Joining The May 50K! Claudia decided to leave her limits behind this May together with her mother Louise and the support of her team “My MS brings all the boys to the yard”.

So far, Claudia and her team have already raised an incredible $4,492 for vital MS research. 🤯

Claudia’s mother, Louise’ says that “Claudia is inspirational and very mentally strong with a great attitude!” 💖

We are in absolute AWE of you Claudia – thank you for your bravery and commitment to leaving MS where it belongs, behind us. Thank to people like yourself, we know that one day we will Kiss Goodbye to MS once and for all.

You can follow Claudia’s journey here:

Do you want to take on The May 50K in support of people living with MS like Claudia? It’s not too late! Register here or contact us if you have any questions at [email protected] or 1300 785 717.