Why we are so excited to be a global initiative

We’re pretty chuffed that our Aussie fundraising campaign has been embraced around the world. And while we’re so proud to be jointly running the first global fundraising campaign for MS, there is a much bigger reason why this is so important.

Kiss Goodbye to MS raises funds for research into MS, meaning more money will be available for MS research internationally. In Australia, Kiss Goodbye to MS is the only fundraising campaign (where people can register, donate and participate) that solely raises funds for research into MS. This means that our community know exactly where their funds are being allocated. In 2016 the funds that were raised by Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraisers have contributed to the funding of 17 new research projects that are being funded by MS Research Australia. And now the whole world has the chance to raise funds simply for MS research.

As well as funding research, our Aussie campaign has successfully engaged with young people who have MS and offers hope for a cure. We are excited that this message will now resonate around the world, and our supportive and uplifting community will continue to grow. As we head into a second year of our global fundraising campaign, we are excited to see it unfold. Last year together we raised AU $1.45 million, and this year we are aiming even higher. Watch this space!