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My Year Of Temporary Insanity

Fiona Johnston

My Story

2011 was a bad year. Doctor merry-go-round, involving all sorts of awful tests (still remember the ‘electric shock therapy’… That hurt), which resulted in one sacked neuro and the discovery of another, who I hold in very high regard. With his help and guidance, 2012 saw me finally accept my MS diagnosis. After a couple of months, I realised I had to fight it, find a way to control it before it controlled me. Fitness was my aim. Get fit, stay fit, fight it. After about 10 months of working on my fitness, I signed up for a little colour run at the start of 2013. It was fun, I raised $8,000 and backed it up in 2014. However, that was too easy and I needed to find something more challenging to give people a reason to donate! So, after a quiet couple of years, I have come up with my ‘Year Of Temporary Insanity’. This involves several challenges throughout the year, culminating in either Tough Mudder and/or a Spartan Trifecta. The insanity starts Saturday 4th February 2017 with the Sun Run. The list of events (so far):
04/02/2017 Sun Run 10km
11/02/2017 Spartan Gold Coast 7km 18/02/2017 Night Colour Run 5km
26/02/2017 Roc Race 5km
18/03/2017 Operation Blackhawk 7km
25/03/2017 Raw Challenge 7km
30/04/2017 MS Walk/Fun Run 5km
06/05/2017 Spartan Sydney 21km
11/06/2017 True Grit 10km – 12km
24/06/2017 Tough Bloke Challenge 8km
26/08/2017 Spartan Combo Adelaide 7km & 14km
24/09/2017 Raw Challenge 2 Doyalson 7km
07/10/2017 & 08/10/2017 Spartan Trifecta Bright, 7km & 14km one day, 21km the next
18/11/2017 Tough Mudder 20km

Fiona Johnston
TARGET: $10,000