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My Story

My Story
Hi Friends,
I have been raising funds for the fundraise for KISS GOODBYE TO MS. campaign for the last few years.
I have committed to raise $200 (or more) and I can only do this with your support! Will you consider sponsoring me? All donations will be welcome too.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that attacks your central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves).
The average age is 30 years, 3 out of 4 people with MS are women.
I have chosen to fundraise for this as I have MS and would love for a cure to be found.
We need your help! Only through research, will we find out more about this disease so we can ultimately find a cure and

I am selling Wrist Bands with either “Multiple Sclerosis” & “Living with Multiple Sclerosis” these are $2 each + postage. These are red with swirls of white. Can buy quantities from me for groups or your own fundraising support.

Other products I am selling are:
*Neck Cooling Scarves in different colours available. These are $6 each. These come in a variety of colours.

* Chill Tubes that are available in various designs. These are a drink bottle & neck cooler in one. The UNIQUE Neck Cooler/ WATER Bottle!
Keeps you “COOL” in the HEAT. The CHOICE OF Your COLOR CHILL TUBE. Designed to hold a frozen liquid and worn around the neck “The Chill Tube”, when frozen, offers hours of cooling relief and while thawing becomes a convenient water bottle with it’s easy pull-tab spout.
I am selling them for $15 each for pick up. These can be posted by parcel post for $8.25 for 1, Express post $10.55 for 1, please contact me for multiple items.

*Sun Cooling Caps. These are reusable, reduces body temperature, ideal for any use in the summer & anytime when it is warm or hot.
They Come in Blue or Pink.
The caps & Cooling Towels are made from a revolutionary, light weight, absorbent material that does not drip or your clothes.
Soak the Cooling Sun Caps & Cooling Towels in water, either under a running tap or in a sink with water for a few minutes, squeeze out the excess water & it is ready to use. Can be put in the fridge to keep them colder when not in use.
Simply soak in cold water to activate & reactivate it. The caps & towels can last up to 4 hours or longer depending on the heat & humidity.
I have found that the Sun caps especially are great for headaches & migraines which I get. I wore the cap when my migraine started & was able to stop it from coming on & helped me feel better, this is great for me to & I’m sure it will help others. I use them inside as well as outside for heat too.

*Cooling Gel Mats. Made from a unique “phase change material” (PCM) and originally used in medical and aerospace industries, this cool mat is naturally cooler than your body temperature.
The cool mat works by absorbing body heat and releasing it to keep you cooler; below 27 degrees, the mat crystallises automatically, above 33 degrees, the mat melts into liquid or water.
The Cool mat’s materials changes from solid to liquid, as it absorbs heat from your body, the inner material becomes liquid, to recrystallise the inner material and recharge the cooling effect, soak it in cold water, put it in the freezer for 20 minutes before use. No need for electricity, battery and other outer sources, it’s an ideal product to save energy and money.
Size: 30×40 cm
There are larger one’s available also for additional cost.

I am also selling hand made crochet doilies sets & hand crocheted throw blankets of various sizes & colours. Price varies according to size. I also make scarves & beanies.
I have some made ready to purchase in a variety of colours & sizes. I will make any of these to your choice of colours & sizes.
All profits from every purchase taking out cost only, will go to the kiss goodbye to ms
I have a Facebook page with what I sell on it.
Friends who like Kiss Goodbye to MS Funding- by Sue Wilson
This has photos & more details on all the products I sell.
Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson
TARGET: $500
  • 2012 - $20 raised
  • 2015 - $85 raised
  • 2016 - $100 raised