Help us fund more than ever before!

Here are Kiss Goodbye to MS HQ we never do things by halves. In 2017 we have set ourselves a huge fundraising target, aiming to raise $1.25million for MS Research Australia. This is more than we have ever raised before, but we decided to go big in 2017 so that we could fund even more MS research next year.


To date we have raised just over $1,140,000 in what is already our biggest fundraising result ever. We are only $110,000 away from reaching our 2017 fundraising target – and for that, we want to say thank you! But it isn’t time to celebrate just yet, because we are committed to hitting that $1.25 million mark this year. We know that trying to raise $110,000 in 6 weeks is a pretty big ask. In fact, we know it is a near impossible ask. But if there is one thing we have learnt over the years at Kiss Goodbye to MS it is that our community know how to rally to get a job done.

So, as we wind down the year into Christmas, we’re calling on you. Raising an additional $110,000 this year would allow MS Research Australia to be able to fund an extra 4 incubator grant projects in 2018. That is an extra 4 research projects run by some of our best MS researchers in Australia. We know it is a huge ask, but when we are talking about funding four additional research projects? Well, we think that is worth the hard yards.

Before we wrap up 2017 and reset our fundraising tally back to zero (our least favourite day of the year!) is there something you can do? Host a Christmas event and ask for a gold coin donation to Kiss Goodbye to MS? Or organise a Christmas movie night, selling tickets to you family and friends. Or if the idea of organising something this close to the end of the year makes your head swim (we totally get that!) could you make a donation? Register to fundraise,  or donate here.

Let’s rally together as we wrap up 2017 and raise $1,250,000 for research into MS, funding more MS research than Kiss Goodbye to MS has ever done before.

XX The Kiss Goodbye to MS Team

PS Want to know more about incubator grants? They are a pretty awesome concept! Read about them here.