Inkpi is an amazing fundraising initiative, run by Kate Blakeman. Kate is one of our longest standing fundraisers!

Following her sister Anna’s diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2013, Kate felt like the need to help. In her words, Inkpi is a “funny little word our family made up many years ago to describe the person, or thing, closest to our hearts, our favourite.” And so, Inkpi was born.

Inkpi began with ‘Anna’, an organic cotton t-shirt designed to make her sister smile. This quickly progressed into a wide range of tanks, tees, hoodies and wrist bands. With continued love and support, Inkpi aims to also release other designs and products, including tees and hoodies for men in the near future.

With all products Fair Trade certified, made from soft, organic cotton, and immaculate quality, the Kiss team have fallen in love! Here at Kiss Goodbye to MS, we are so grateful to be surrounded by inspiring supporters, fundraisers and ambassadors. We couldn’t do it without you.

You can check out how amazing Inkpi is for yourself by clicking the following link: