Jillian Kingsford Smith

Jillian Kingsford Smith

Jillian Kingsford Smith is one of our inspiring Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassadors. Jillian was diagnosed with MS in 2012 at the age of 42. A diagnosis with MS can be one of the most confusing and shocking things someone will ever experience. At the time of being diagnosed Jillian asked herself, “So what now?”

Determined not to let her MS take control of her life, Jillian, an international journalist, decided to write a book, ‘Taking Control’, outlining practical, real-life advice that newly diagnosed men and women with MS can put into action. After her first publication became a bestseller, Jillian continued to share the stories of those who love, care and support people with MS in, ‘Taking Control Together’.

By offering a voice of support and an honest plan of action that didn’t exist before, Jillian has become an inspiration for thousands of people with MS around the world.

Never one to sit still for too long, Jillian is working on several projects in 2017. In addition to writing a new book, Jillian is Chair(woman) of the amazing Teneriffe Festival in Brisbane. As one of the most popular events in the city, the festival is a day to celebrate culture, history and community with live music, street markets, fashion and heaps more! Jillian is a proud member of her vibrant community and says that on the day of the festival you can find her “with a big group of friends enjoying lunch, sitting back, taking in the energy of the festival and celebrating the magnificent lifestyle we have here” – if you see her, make sure you say hello!

As if writing bestsellers and organising fabulous festivals isn’t enough, Jillian is also a natural in front of the camera! Jillian recently flew down to Sydney to help the Kiss Goodbye to MS Team film a piece for an upcoming project. We can’t tell you too much just yet, but watch this space!

We are so grateful for Jillian and her unfaltering commitment to raising the profile of MS as a young woman’s disease. Jillian’s passion for helping other people living with MS is invaluable and just one example of the incredible members of our Kiss Goodbye to MS community, who are there to support each other and share their common experiences.

Join Jillian and Kiss Goodbye to MS raise funds for research into MS by sharing your selfie for the  ‘Wall of Kisses’ at the 2017 Teneriffe Festival! Get involved now.