Katrina on the Pennine Way

Steeped in history, Britain’s first and best-known National Trail marches along the mountain tops amongst the rocky backbone of England and offers 268 miles of the finest upland walking in England. As England’s oldest, longest and most difficult National Trail, there are lots of gritstone moors, limestone pavement, peaty bogs and glaciated chasms. This wild landscape marks the Pennine Way as one of the country’s most demanding long distance walks – and one of the most satisfying to complete.

Earlier this year, our Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassador and all-round superstar Katrina Hemingway decided to take on the challenge to raise awareness and funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS and MS Research Australia.

Katrina lives with MS every day, but she doesn’t have MS. Her husband Mike does, and for Mike his symptoms vary. Since Mike’s diagnosis in 2003, the two tackle MS the only way they know how – together. In the lead up to the event Katrina told us that the Pennine Way would be a walk in the park compared to living with MS.

It didn’t take a lot of convincing until Katrina’s sister Belinda and her husband Neil decided to join Katrina on her adventure. The trio took off early June and after 430km of walking in only 16 days, everchanging terrains, sore feet and blisters and England like weather conditions (wind, hail, rain – they got it all), Katrina, Belinda and Neil completed their epic adventure.

Starting at Edale in the Peak District and finishing up at Kirk Yetholm in Scotland, the three managed every challenge thrown their way in the hope to raise much needed funds for MS research. Mike was their inspiration for completing the challenging walk along with the 2.3 million who are living with MS across the world.

By the end of their walk, the trio was able to raise an outstanding $21,947 for MS research. A once in a lifetime experience for our walking legends Katrina, Belinda and Neil.

Thank you Katrina, Belinda and Neil, we can’t wait to hear all the gossip (who was whinging the most etc.) upon your return!