Kelly and Sam kissed goodbye to their hair for Kelly’s mum!

For some of us, shaving our heads would be something we’d never even consider. But not for Kelly Wilson and her husband Sam!  A part of Kelly always wanted to shave her head, but loved her blonde locks and didn’t think she would ever do it. However, with Kelly’s mum living with MS, they decided that MS research was a good enough reason for her and Sam to lose their luscious locks. Plus, having raised quite a bit of money for The May 50K last year, it also motivated Kelly and Sam to step up their game. And what better way to step up your game, than with a head shave?!

With Kelly’s mum being diagnosed in 2016, research into multiple sclerosis is very dear to their heart. Kelly says it’s been a confusing few years of understanding the disease and the effects it’s had/been having on her mum. At first they were all living in denial for a few years, before it got to the point that they had to face the facts. Kelly says it’s lucky that there’s plenty of support, but it is difficult not truly understanding what her mum is going through.

“She’s my best friend and it’s a struggle watching her go through this”

Thanks to the immense amount of support received from their family and friends, the beautiful duo raised an awesome $703 towards life-changing research – to help us understand this disease better and continue to unravel the mysteries of MS.

What does Kelly have to say about the whole experience? Having mum and my husband next to my side was an experience full of love” and she encourages anyone who is thinking of fundraising to jump on board if you can!

“It doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re passionate about the end goal, that’s all that matters.”

Thank you Kelly and Sam for your AMAZING fundraising efforts – you guys are SUPERSTARS 🤩🤩 and you make bald look SO good!

Take a peep at their head shave here! 🎥


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