Top 5 Kiss Goodbye to MS moments in 2016 – Our launch breaky  

It’s no secret that at Kiss Goodbye to MS we love an excuse for a party, and we like to think we can throw a pretty good one, if we do say so ourselves! Over the years we have thrown many great events, balls and dinners, but this year we decided to throw a launch breakfast that was beyond anything we had ever done before.

We take any opportunity we get to meet our amazing Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraisers in person, and our launch breakfast held overlooking Sydney Harbour was the perfect chance to do just that. Although we may have never met you in person, we feel like we know each one of our supporters personally. We speak to you on the phone, we answer your emails, we print your thank you letters and we personally pack each of your merchandise orders. And so sometimes, it comes as a shock to us when we realise there are many of you that we have never actually met in person!

Our launch breakfast was a wonderful opportunity to meet so many of those incredible supporters who feel like our old friends. It was amazing to see the Kiss Goodbye to MS community come together as our supporters (who before the day were strangers) naturally connected with each other and shared stories of triumph over MS.

The event was hosted by our Ambassador Sara Donaldson and we were delighted to have more than 50 guests attend including bloggers, people from the media industry, Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraisers and some of our corporate partners. Aussie lifestyle blogger Claire Fabb made the perfect MC, sharing a raw and honest account of her mother’s battle with MS. Another Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassador, Mez Gallifuoco told the audience her journey of being diagnosed with MS when she was just 20, delving into the huge impact it had on her family.

We are so grateful to be surrounded by inspiring supporters, fundraisers and ambassadors. And as Mez said in her speech at our launch event, “To us, every single supporter is a superhero. You are all superheroes”.