Meet one of our dedicated MS Researchers – Dr Heidi Beadnall

In 2015, MS Research Australia funded 57 research projects around Australia. Here is a snapshot of just one project from a variety of research that would not be possible without the support of Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraisers.

Dr Heidi Beadnall from the University of Sydney

Dr Heidi Beadnall is a neurologist at the University of Sydney and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and is also undertaking a PhD supported by a MS Research Australia post-graduate scholarship. Her project is investigating the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to track brain tissue loss in people with MS. Loss of brain tissue appears to be an accurate marker of disease progression in MS, but is not routinely used in clinical practice. Dr Beadnall’s project aims to overcome barriers to tracking brain volume in routine practice to measure the effectiveness of MS treatments, assist with prognosis, and guide therapeutic decisions.

Dr Beadnall is also working on ways to improve the quality of time spent in a neurologist’s waiting room. She recently published a study which found that tablet-based electronic questionnaires may be a more comfortable way for people with MS to reveal incontinence issues, which may otherwise remain untreated.

To read more about the work of Dr Beadnall and her team or to learn more about the projects that MS Research Australia funds, head to

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