Meet one of our dedicated MS researchers – Dr Jerome Staal

In 2015, MS Research Australia funded 57 research projects around Australia. Here is a snapshot of just one project from a variety of research that would not be possible without the support of Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraisers.

Dr Jerome Staal from the University of Melbourne

MS Research Australia has partnered with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to support early-career researcher Dr Jerome Staal at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Staal was awarded a prestigious NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship, which allows early career researchers to complete research training via an overseas exchange. Dr Staal completed the first portion of his fellowship working with Professor Doug Fields at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Washington, USA, and has recently returned to Australia to work with Professor Trevor Kilpatrick and complete the final portion of his fellowship with joint NHMRC and MS Research Australia funding support.

Dr Staal’s project is taking a novel approach looking at how the electrical activity of a nerve can influence myelin growth and development. His early work has shown that more active nerves helped to generate better quality myelin. For the remainder of his Fellowship, based at the University of Melbourne, Dr Staal will continue this promising work that aims to increase our understanding of the factors influencing myelin growth. This work could lead to new avenues for promoting myelin repair and regeneration in MS.

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