Mez’s Story

Check out this beautifully written excerpt published in by our wonderful ambassador Mez Gallifuoco. Mez discusses her journey since being diagnosed with MS at just 18 years old:

I remember the moment in the doctor’s office when he told me, everything seemed to stop. It felt so incredibly surreal. This is . . . a dream, right?! It’s not real!? I heard him say something like “we’ve found inflammation in your brain that is consistent with multiple sclerosis, do you know what that is?” To which I vaguely replied, “Umm . . . is that like people in a wheelchair?”

I can’t really remember what happened after that, it was a weird process of shock, crying and denial with my family. I started thinking about how long I had left to walk and began to research as much as I could. What I found out was MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin sheath around your nerves. That’s fancy talk for attacking the fatty cells that protect your nerve cells and is kind of similar to the way electrical wires are wrapped in plastic cords. That plastic cord in the analogy, that brilliant thing that protects our nerves from damage, that’s what is being damaged in MS. Basically, my body is attacking itself.

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