At MS Research Australia our mission is to accelerate research targeting prevention, better treatments and a cure for MS.

Put simply, we exist to find the cure, and we won’t stop until we do.

In 2017 Kiss Goodbye to MS raised a whooping $1,165,000 for MS Research Australia, which contributes to the overall funding that MS Research Australia allocates each year. But what is this funding actually doing?

Well, thanks for asking, because talking about the huge impact we are making is one of our favourite topics! In a snapshot, here are a few things we are pretty proud of, that wouldn’t be possible without all of our Kiss Goodbye to MS supporters.

  1. In 2018 we are funding more than $2 million worth of new research projects.
  2. This means we are funding a total of 44 MS research projects in 2018. You can read about what we are funding here.
  3. Since 2004 MS Research Australia has contributed $36.7 million to MS research.
  4. We have 900+ researchers working every day to better understand MS.
  5. We are currently running the largest Vitamin D and MS prevention trial in the world.
  6. 12 years ago there were only 2 daily injectable treatments available for MS. We now have 5 times as many treatments.
  7. Some MS medications now have the ability to stop MS in its tracks for many people (Broadley 2014, MS Research Australia published report)
  8. MS Research Australia’s funded research has produced 26 new research methods, 7 clinical blood tests and 2 clinical assessment tools (this is just naming a few!)
  9. Funding from MS Research Australia supported the discovery of a blood test that can distinguish between relapsing and progressive forms of MS.
  10. We are giving young people with MS hope, that there will be a future with freedom from MS.

These are just ten impacts that have us doing a happy dance! We could (literally) talk about the advancements in MS research all day, but we know not everyone loves talking about us as much as we do. If you do want to know much check out MS Research Australia’s impacts page here! 

We couldn’t have achieved all of this without you. Your support is making a huge impact, and every day we are closer to better understanding MS.