Top 5 Kiss Goodbye to MS moments in 2016 – Red Lab Coat Day

Some people love Christmas, some people look forward to their birthday, and other people can’t wait for Australia Day. At Kiss Goodbye to MS, we are a little different to most people. While we are guilty of loving all of the above, our absolute favourite day of the year is Red Lab Coat Day.

Each year we launch our May Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign with Red Lab Coat Day, where our Aussie researchers switch their ordinary white lab coats for our red Kiss Goodbye to MS coats. This is a chance for them to join the campaign and show gratitude to the hundreds of people who raise funds each year for the research they are undertaking.

On Red Lab Coat day our researchers post photos on social media and their institution’s website of them wearing their coats around the lab, in the community, and going about their day. The photos posted never cease to amaze us, and it is safe to say that our researcher’s aren’t camera shy! Check out the twitter feed to see what we are talking about!

And while the photos are fun and the researchers love being involved, our favourite part of the day is how the Kiss Goodbye to MS community responds. Each photo shared of these incredible researchers is inundated with support. Likes, shares and comments gather, with people posting messages of gratitude and thanks for all of the hard work these MS researchers do on a daily basis. It was humbling to hear how much you appreciate and support the work that MS Research Australia is committed to funding.

So while we love any excuse for a celebration (or a day off!) we especially love the fun, happiness and gratitude that is Red Lab Coat Day. We are busy planning for next year and we have something extra special in the works for Red Lab Coat Day in 2017. Watch this space!

See more photos from Red Lab Coat Day here.