The ride of their lives – they made it!

After riding over 1015km on 29 bucking, bolting and sometimes completely stationery horses, our Ride for a Cure guys finally finished the Mongol Derby on Day 8, August 16th at 8:15am in equal ninth place! Imagine the feeling of finally making it to the final checkpoint – we are SO proud!

In early August, our Ride for a Cure guys Ed, Henry, Rob and Jack did something they never imagined doing. The four brothers took off to Mongolia to participate in the world’s longest and most difficult horse race. Stretching 1000km and consisting of unpredictable terrains, extreme temperatures, high chances of wild animal encounters and a course that is unmarked, this race was recreated to mirror Genghis Khan’s infamous horse messenger system that was used in 1224. Sounds a little crazy right?! This race is definitely only for those who can navigate and survive on their own wits and skill, living among the herders and dare to take on this great equestrian adventure. It’s you and your horse vs. the wild. This is the Mongol Derby.

The Mongol Derby was not only a huge personal challenge for the four guys, but it was also an opportunity to raise money and awareness for a cause that is so close to their heart and has affected their family so profoundly. They took on this wild challenge for their father and uncle Rob Bell, who’s living with Primary Progressive MS and is wheelchair bound. Rob always dreamt of going on a similar housebound adventure, so the Ride for a Cure guys decided to take it on for him and to support Kiss Goodbye to MS to help raise funds for vital research into MS.

“Our time at the finish line gave us a chance to again reflect on what we had just achieved. We had ridden 29 different horses over 1000km. We had not passed through a single gate and we had seen less than 5km of fencing over the whole journey.

We have been blown away by the nomadic way of life, the Mongolian culture, their horses (apart from a few) and most amazingly, their generosity towards us. They have nothing, give endlessly with no expectation, yet are content and happy. They are amazing people and we can only hope that this is not lost in the future.”

Finishing the race as a team was the ultimate way to end an amazing year-long adventure for the four cousins and we’re sure all their followers enjoyed coming along for the ride with them. Their special brotherhood and loyalty was present through the entire race, despite sore muscles, frustration over slow or bucking horses, hunger and unpredictable weather conditions.

To date, they have raised over $189,325 for Kiss Goodbye to MS – an outstanding and very unique challenge that still warms our heart and makes us so proud!

Thank you Ed, Henry, Rob and Jack for risking many broken bones for Kiss Goodbye to MS – you guys rock!