Sara’s story

For Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassador Sara Donaldson, the cause is close to her heart.

During a family holiday over ten years ago, Sara’s mum woke up one morning and knew something wasn’t right. At the time, the dominant emotion was confusion. After six months, several trips to the doctors and lots of to-ing and fro-ing between different explanations, Sara’s mum was diagnosed with MS at 42 years old.

Things haven’t always been easy. Having to move out of the family home to a house that was wheelchair accessible was a big step for Sara’s parents.  For Sara, the worries stem from her tough career move from Brisbane to Sydney. Being away from your family is tough at the best of times, but the fear of not being able to be there for her mum immediately has been extremely difficult for Sara.

However, Sara’s mum is her biggest supporter – always reading her daughter’s Harper and Harley blog posts, liking her stunning social media pics and following her latest fashion news on Instagram. And, like all mums, she’s always there to chip in her own advice on the latest trends where she can! They really do rely on each other for everything!

Whilst a diagnosis with MS can stop a family in its tracks, the Donaldson family have always been determined to keep moving forward, “That’s the biggest thing with MS. If something happens, you can’t just sit down and be sad about your situation. You have to react. My parents are very good at being positive and living in the moment.” Sara has been a champion for research into MS for many years, using her social media platform to inform her followers (the majority of whom fall into the average demographic of those diagnosed with MS – young women) about the reality of the disease and how everyone can help raise life-changing funds through Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Sara’s commitment to combatting MS through awareness and funds for research is a testament to her mum’s fighting spirit. MS does not just effect the person diagnosed in the doctor’s chair, it changes the lives of all family members. Sara and her mum are each other’s support network and share a love that nothing can dampen, “Despite her diagnosis, she’s still my mum in every sense of the word.”