Imagine running a half marathon, 21km, up & down hill through Sydney’s CBD while pushing another person for the entire race – yep, crazy! Personal trainer Shaun and his client Donna decided to fulfil their shared dream and take on the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon together.

Donna has been living with multiple sclerosis for over 20 years and some days it can be pretty tough. But Donna works hard daily to motivate herself, stay fit, healthy and active. Inspired by Donna’s strength and determination to live a healthy & active life despite her MS diagnosis, her amazing trainer Shaun from Reborn Fitness started planting the idea of competing in the Sydney Morning Herald- Half Marathon together … with success!

Donna originally brushed off the idea, hoping to get herself out of it but Shaun’s passion and dedication encouraged Donna to participate. Where MS will usually bring you down, Shaun has pushed all boundaries with Donna! He’s brought her up and kept her at a level, pushed her, and now she’s gone further than ever. What an inspiration!

Just under 2 hours and 21 km later, Donna & Shaun casually crossed the finish line at Hyde Park on 20th May! Donna was cheered on by enthusiastic family and friends who also competed in the marathon alongside her. This is how Kiss Goodbye to MS half marathon champions look like!

Donna’s message to all those living with MS is that “you have to stay positive, because you don’t know what’s going to happen, what’s ahead of you, you’ve got to keep on exercising, stay happy, meditate and relax, don’t look at the worse side of it because it might never happen”.

Donna and Shaun were aiming to fundraise $10,000 for Kiss Goodbye to MS but they exceeded their goal to an outstanding $13,513! Well done guys!


THANK YOU to all our incredible Kiss Goodbye to MS runners who got up bright and early. You are our inspiration and the reason why we can keep funding research into MS! A huge thank you also to Beachwheels Australia for donating the chair, and Balance Water, Grove Juices and Remedy Kombucha for looking after our runners on the day. Let’s do it all again next year, shall we?