Stacey raised $11,719 for Kiss Goodbye to MS!

Stacey Hartcher is passionate about raising funds for research into MS. Between being a mother of young children and running a busy young family, Stacey committed to making a difference. This year Stacey organized a huge fundraising event which raised $11,719 for Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Stacey’s Murder Mystery night was held at the Club Singleton and included a raffle, prizes for best dressed, a silent auction and games. The night was a huge success and was filled with mystery and laughter, with all guests dressed up in ‘Great Gatsby Style’.

Not only has Stacey’s event greatly contributed to the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign, it is also her own way of overcoming some of her personal battles in feeling alone with the illness. Stacey describes having MS as a blessing and a curse at the same time, as the feedback and donations she received are beyond what she ever imagined, and she’s met amazing people along her journey.

Bringing people together for a great cause is exactly what Kiss Goodbye to MS is about. We couldn’t be more thankful for all our amazing supporters and fundraisers, who continue to surprise us with their commitment and creativity.

Stacey, thanks to you we are one step closer to Kiss Goodbye to MS once and for all!

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