The world is Kissing Goodbye to MS

Get ready world, Kiss Goodbye to MS is coming for you again in 2017! January marks the launch of our global Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign where the world unites for a common goal – to bring us closer to finding a cure for MS. We are so proud of our Aussie campaign, which in 2016 raised US$1,081,272 (AU$1.45 million!) for MS research on the international stage, and we have a feeling that 2017 will be even bigger.

This year we have an impressive 12 countries participating in Kiss Goodbye to MS including Finland, Denmark, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Greece, Norway, France, New Zealand and of course Australia. Each country runs the campaign in their own way, tailoring it to capture the attention of young people living with MS in their country.

In the UK, Kiss Goodbye to MS participants are being asked to ‘kiss goodbye to something’ – giving up something they can’t live without for the month and then sharing it on social media. In Spain, people are uploading videos to the Spanish MS Society website telling us why they want to kiss goodbye to MS, and in Denmark there will be a huge media push to coincide with a DIY fundraising campaign. Many countries will run Kiss Goodbye to MS alongside our Aussie campaign in May, while others are making the most of the power of starting the year off on the right foot and will be launching this week.

While each country embarks on their own unique Kiss Goodbye to MS journey, the global MS community is more collaborative than anyone has seen before. Even experienced Board members in other countries who have been involved with the movement for over 25 years are inspired! Over the next two months, our global community will be calling on their communities to show their support for Kiss Goodbye to MS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, raising awareness for the critical importance of research into MS.

It is a thrill to have our MS Research Australia-founded initiative leading a world- changing movement. But the really exciting thing is that the globe has united for one common goal – to find a cure for MS. So whether you say ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’, ‘Kys Farvel til MS’ or ‘Adios MS’ – it doesn’t really matter… it is the end goal that the whole world is now focused on.