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Let's Kiss Goodbye to MS together

Richelle King

Page 1 of 365! OK technically it's page 8 (or is it page 9?)... but y...

08 January, 2018
Richelle King

In 2017 the Kiss Goodbye to MS community has raised a huge $1,150,000 ...

12 December, 2017
Richelle King

Megan Healey has one hell of a fighting spirit. She is an amazing mum,...

20 November, 2017
Richelle King

Written by Kristy Draper

Ten years ago, at the age of 26, I though...

20 November, 2017
Richelle King

Here are Kiss Goodbye to MS HQ we never do things by halves. In 2017 w...

20 November, 2017
Willa Matchett

In 1999, Sydney artist, Ana Corral-Kelly got the diagnosis of MS, foll...

19 October, 2017
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sara donaldson kiss

Sara is a popular blogger, and the founder of Australian lifestyle blog Harper and Harley. Sara has worked with iconic brands and is a passionate supporter of MS research. Sara’s mum was diagnosed with MS when she was a teenager and Kiss Goodbye to MS is a cause close to her heart.

Emma is an international supermodel, talented writer, and a mum to two sons. Emma has seen first hand what an unpredictable disease MS can be, and is passionate about supporting MS research.

Jessica Rudd

Jess is an accomplished writer and media personality. When Jess’s best friend was diagnosed with MS she decided to do what she does best – talk. And together Jess and Renee have been sharing our Kiss Goodbye to MS message ever since.