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Michael Klinakis

It must be the season for car shows, because for the second time in t...

09 August, 2023
Michael Klinakis

The first Motor Show for MS went off with a flying start, with 200 cl...

16 May, 2023
Michael Klinakis


1 cup Pitted Prunes 

2 cups Walnuts

1 serve Kid...

09 May, 2023
Michael Klinakis


1x serve Just Natural Clean Lean Protein 


17 April, 2023
Michael Klinakis

Jacqui Orford is one of our fantastic supporters. After two years of ...

04 April, 2023
Ben Pritchard

Recipe: Chia Seed Parfait

Dairy free, gluten free

Serves: 2


28 February, 2023
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After the shock diagnosis of MS at the age of 27, Melissa has focused her energy on living a healthy fulfilled life despite the challenges that MS brings. With a strong focus on balanced healthy eating, mental health and regular exercise, Melissa is determined to keep her MS at bay! In addition, Melissa also gives […]

Monique has been living with MS for 15 years. Rather than let the disease get the best of her, she embarked on a career in health and is the successful co-founder of nutritional supplement company Nuzest, and mother of a little girl. Monique believes research is the key to Kiss Goodbye to MS!

You might know Bonnie as our trusted Oz Beauty Expert, our go to for everything hair and make-up. Bonnie is passionate about educating her female following, and as a young mother in the prime of her career, Kiss Goodbye to MS is a cause very close to her heart that she is helping us raise awareness for!