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Caroline Williams – Great New Zealand Trek

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The story from Caroline…

Now living in Australia but having been born in Christchurch (a long time ago!!!), I am keen to make regular trips back to NZ and put both my outdoor gear and passion for trekking to work! With published Mannering ancestors in early NZ settlement, mountaineering, jet-boating and photography, the countryside, hills and waterways are in my DNA and those who know me will tell you that I ooze excitement at everything New Zealand. MS is also a cause which is very close to my heart, impacting directly on family members.

The Great New Zealand Trek was founded on the idea of raising funds for MS research by walking, cycling or horse riding the length of New Zealand, North to Sound, around 200 kms each year, with Stage 1 starting in 2006. I could hardly believe my luck, because this gave me a chance to marry these two passions, MS and NZ!! Then in 2012 I found yet another passion… love-of-my-life, Barry so I married him too!

Barry comes with me now, and we get to catch up with my dear NZ mob (Hi Cuzzies!), as well as many wonderful new Trek friends.


Stage 14, the last leg, goes from Tapanui to Slope Point and Bluff… that’s the bottom of the South Island.

If you would like to make a donation to help me achieve my ambitious final 2019 fund-raising target of $6,000 which would allow me to achieve my overall target of $14,000… that would be wonderful.

Love, Caroline x

Caroline Williams – Great New Zealand Trek
TARGET: $6,000
  • 2007 - $300 raised
  • 2008 - $500 raised
  • 2010 - $480 raised
  • 2011 - $530 raised
  • 2012 - $782 raised
  • 2013 - $300 raised
  • 2014 - $100 raised
  • 2015 - $1000 raised
  • 2016 - $1000 raised
  • 2017 - $1326.76 raised
  • 2018 - $1980 raised