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Gilli Barnard

My Story

I go to shopping center’s, and sit at the waterfront when ever cruise ships come in to town. I am doing different things all the time! My mobility scooter carries a box of merchandise so I am sort of always fundraising. I have a sign on the back that says “I collect 5c coins’ amazing how well this works I would like to top $6000 for this year… maybe 🙂 I have a long history of fundraising both in Tasmania and the NT. I have MS and now really reduced to a mobility scooter. It is my intention to devote the rest of my life to fundraising for MSRA. I am planning to buy a mobile home and ‘hit’ the mainland 🙂 just need to sell my house… so watch this space… Gilli

Gilli Barnard
TARGET: $5,000
  • In 2016 - $11,715 raised