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Let's Kiss Goodbye to MS together

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Let's kiss goodbye to MS

Graeme Cameron

My Story

Hi, MS is a condition that is close to my heart with both my mum and uncle being affected by the condition.

After a successful fundraiser last yr that raised just shy of $2500, I’m back again to clog your news feeds with ugly pictures of poorly applied lipstick Additionally, I will be running/dying 50km for the month to raise awareness of MS

I’m not normally one that pushes fundraisers but I figure that this cause is as good as any.
So for the month of May I’m going to be Kissing Goodbye to MS by donning some bright lipstick (cruelty free of course).

Now most of you will say “how’s this any different to a normal Friday night for me?” and the answer is well this way your money goes to a worthy cause!

So, feel free to donate and put forward any colour suggestions that you may have.

Graeme Cameron
TARGET: $3,000