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Let's kiss goodbye to MS

Kristy Draper

My Story

10 years ago at the age of 26 my life was turned upside down when what seemed like a simple case of pins and needles in my right hand quickly spread throughout much of my body & a diagnosis of MS followed.

At the time it seemed that my life & the future I hoped & dreamed of were immediately taken away, replaced instead with a big black question mark.

A decade & only 2 relapses later I remain strong & healthy so to celebrate I will be doing the one thing I never thought possible – a half marathon down the Las Vegas strip!!!

I would like to use this event as an opportunity to raise funds for KGTMS so that in another decade the question mark I live with every day will hopefully have a positive answer & this invisible illness will disappear for good 🙂

Kristy Draper
TARGET: $12,000