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Megan Healey

My Story

I am one of the 23,000 living with MS and although I may be wheelchair bound I am not going to be defined by my disability. Up until September 2007 I was very active, whether it was playing tennis, riding horses, or the occasional bungee jump and skydive. MS has brought with it a different existence with new challenges. I am one of the very few people with a very progressive form of MS. This means that I am getting progressively worse and there will be no recovery and there is no treatment as yet. Although research is starting to be geared towards progressive MS a cure is nowhere in sight and my decline is so rapid that my young family and I may not have the time to wait.
In May 2013 I rode a mower from Melbourne to Sydney ( see Megan’s Great MS Mowdown on Facebook) and in 2015 I started a bucket list which in hindsight I should have called a Live Life List as I have no intention of dropping of anytime soon.

These days I can barely move my arms or hands and now require help to do even the most basic things such as eating, brushing my hair, putting make up on or even scratching my nose. Although this sounds like doom and gloom I need your support for myself and my family so that I can continue to support MS research and also show my kids that I am still their fun, active mum. Hence the idea of the bucket list (see Megan’s Big Bucket List on Facebook) I want to challenge myself to do some fun things before it is too late and also promote MS to make it better for others. I don’t really have a list any more as new challenges keep being added.

So far I have raised $76,508.22 and my goal is to raise $100,000

Megan Healey
TARGET: $2,000
  • 2014 - $52,330.20 raised
  • 2015 - $11,757.58 raised
  • 2016 - $9,920.44 raised
  • 2017 - $2,500 raised
  • 2018 - $3,971.32 raised
  • 2019 - $ 3,368 raised