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Our Story

Our father and uncle, Rob Bell, suffers from Primary Progressive MS and is wheelchair bound. When Rob was younger, he dreamt of doing a safari on horseback. He is no longer able to fulfill this dream.
Every day, Rob struggles with the simplest of tasks. Driving is impossible, brushing his teeth is a chore. Despite this his determination and positivity are truly astounding. An Inspiration.

We are competing in the 2018 Mongol Derby, A 1000km endurance horse race that recreates the horse messenger system developed by Ghengis Khan in 1224, across rugged terrain including mountain passes, river crossings, floodplains, and of course open steppe, to help raise precious funds to help aid research into a cure for MS.

We will be riding across a country we have never been to, competing in an event that very few people have even heard of, let alone can comprehend.
Its a challenge worthy of our uncle, our dad.
We are riding for him.

Ride For A Cure
TARGET: $100,000