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Let's Kiss Goodbye to MS together

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Let's kiss goodbye to MS

Kylie and Michael are getting married!

My Story

Kylie and Michael are getting married and ask that you consider making a donation to MS Research Australia in lieu of gifts. A dear friend of ours, Nat, has MS. Watching Nat’s journey with MS has highlighted to us the debilitating effects of this disease and the importance of finding better treatment and a cure. MS renders the nerves unable to communicate messages to the brain properly. This means that the brain cannot talk to other parts of the body, resulting in a range of symptoms that include a loss of motor function such as walking, pain, changes to vision, thinking and memory. In spite of this disease getting worse in recent years our friend remains incredibly positive and inspirational. Nothing would be better than a cure for this chronic neurological disease for her and all other sufferers.

Kylie and Michael are getting married!
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