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Whiteboard Doodle Art for MS

My Story

I have recently been diagnosed with this disease after a 2 year period of looking for answers and trying to maintain things as best as possible and would like to do what I can to help find a cure and to also help improve research into the triggers and how it can be more properly diagnosed it so that patients aren’t forced to manage their own diagnosis journey. I’ve been drawing weekly whiteboard doodle art since September of last year as a hobby and means of therapy. It was always on my bucket list to paint album covers as early as 2012 and I have been putting it off since. When I was lying in bed in the early months of 2017 , having difficulty breathing, unable to use my fingers or wrists and struggling to use a pen or grasp a piece of paper tightly, what went through my mind were all the things that I used to enjoy and things that I always said that I wanted to do and could probably no longer do. Now after two years of micro-managing my activities, food and sleep and listening to endless music albums- I’m at a point where things are easier to manage and I’ve grown content with how things are going to be. Even though things are different now, things could be alot worse and I’m thankful. With this new treatment I’ve started, I’m hoping that progression can halt with this. I’ve since found my joys in being able to draw again (on whiteboards now) for as long as I want and not wasting any time with it and thankful for the support I’m receiving. For my colleagues where I work, If you help contribute, you may cast your vote for what I draw and which floor (and whiteboard) I draw it on. 🙂 Thank you all! –Robert B

Whiteboard Doodle Art for MS
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