Our Friends at Nuzest

We simply couldn’t achieve a future free from MS without the incredible support from our event partner, Nuzest. Their commitment to The May 50K is forever changing the lives of people living with multiple sclerosis.

Team Nuzest was outstanding in The May 50K last year – not only did they smash their fundraising goal ranking number 11 on the workplace leader board, but they are coming back bigger and better than ever this year!

Nuzest was founded by father-daughter team, Trevor and Monique Bolland, following Monique’s MS diagnosis back in 2005. At the time, Monique was only 23, treatment options were limited, and her prognosis was bleak.

Under the advice of professionals from scientists to naturopaths and everything in between, Trevor and Monique started to look to nutrition as another way to prolong her quality of life. In 2012 they launched Nuzest, a range of high-quality nutritional supplements designed to help people achieve optimal health.

Since her initial diagnosis Monique has experienced first-hand the life-saving effects of MS research and encourages everyone in the global Nuzest team to get behind fundraising initiatives like the May 50K to help leave MS where it belongs, behind us!

Take the opportunity to receive 15% off from our friends at Nuzest. Shop here for clean, plant-based protein and multi vitamin products and Nuzest will donate a further 15% to MS research. Use the code KISSKISS at checkout.

* Nuzest products are designed to support general health and wellbeing. They are not a treatment for multiple sclerosis.