The May 50K

The May 50K

May has been a fun-filled month with 19,494 people mostly across Australia getting active to raise money to accelerate research into the prevention, treatments and ultimately a cure for multiple sclerosis. So far, the national movement has raised $3,545,223 to leave MS where it belongs, behind us.

One of our youngest participants was 10-year-old Connie, who was diagnosed with paediatric MS just 18 months ago. 

Being diagnosed so young, Connie and her family don’t know what the future holds, so it’s a very uncertain time for them. While other kids are enjoying their childhood, young Connie is struggling with fatigue and her MS is slowing her down from doing the things she loves.

But Connie is one tough little lady and did not let MS stop her from being involved in The May 50K. She got active with her family, and we went out to The May 50K community encouraging people to join her team ‘Connie’s Crew’.  We received a fantastic show of support with a whooping 890 people joining Connie’s team! This not only put a big smile on Connie’s face, but united everyone towards making MS a thing of the past. So far, Connie’s Crew has raised over $283,000 and have clocked 44,961.99km.

Connie and her family are still just at the beginning of her journey living with MS and like all our participants living with MS, they have enjoyed being involved with The May 50K as they too want to create a future free of MS.