Types of research

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All funds raised by Kiss Goodbye to MS go towards research projects funded by MS Research Australia. In 2018, MS Research Australia are funding 44 research projects led by researchers around the country. All of our research falls within three categories, to identify the triggers for MS, to develop better treatments and to seek a cure for MS.

Identify the triggers for MS

To identify the triggers for MS

Understanding the causes of MS, and the genetic and environmental factors that increase a person’s risk of MS.

Develop better treatments

To develop better treatments

Helping people with MS to live well, including both medical and allied health interventions.

Seek a cure for MS

To seek a cure for MS via the repair or regeneration of cells

Developing methods to encourage myelin repair and prevent nerve damage.

There are five main types of research being funded by MS Research Australia:

1. Social and Applied Research

2. Genetics and Epidemiology

3. Immunology and Virology

  • Epstein-Barr Virus
  • Repair and regeneration


For more details on all the ongoing projects funded by MS Research Australia please visit the website: