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Catherine Duong

It’s the time of year when loose ends are tied up and we start to lo...

18 December, 2018
Catherine Duong

An around the world trip with your friends?! Who wouldn’t love that?...

09 November, 2018
Catherine Duong

This past month in October, Kiss Goodbye to MS has had the pleasure of...

31 October, 2018
Tanja Voss

Yes you read correctly, Kiss Goodbye to MS is taking on China!

We a...

11 September, 2018
Tanja Voss

City2Surf is easily one of our favourite events in the Kiss Goodbye to...

27 August, 2018
Tanja Voss

After riding over 1015km on 29 bucking, bolting and sometimes complete...

18 August, 2018
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