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Shannen Chia

We all love a good challenge. And what a challenge it is indeed to run...

14 September, 2020
Shannen Chia

At the age of 14, all that a young teenager should have to worry abou...

21 August, 2020
Shannen Chia

The world may be in limbo, but we certainly won’t stop raising funds...

06 August, 2020
Shannen Chia

If you could find Monique Bolland in the dictionary, you would find ...

04 August, 2020
Shannen Chia

You helped us raise a record-breaking $6.6 million for life-changing M...

25 June, 2020
Shannen Chia

For most of us, shaving our head is something we'd never consider...bu...

02 April, 2020
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