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10 reasons to fundraise for Kiss Goodbye to MS

By fundraising for Kiss Goodbye to MS you become part of a supportive and uplifting community – and you are making an impact for research into MS. Still need some persuading? No worries! Here’s 10 reasons why fundraising is for you!

  • It’s fun – Not that you need a reason for a girls night, but hosting a wine or cocktail evening with friends is a great way to raise money and catch up with your besties!
  • Test yourself – Committing to an extreme challenge, be it a bungee jump or a mountain hike, is a great way to fundraise. Although tough at times, the support of your mates who are donating helps motivate you to reach your goal and push yourself and achieve things you might never have expected you could!
  • Get fit – Get fit and supporting a great cause – two birds with one stone! Enter a local fun run or walk, obstacle course or bike ride. In preparation for such events, many fundraisers end up finding a new love of exercise that continues way past the finish line!
  • Sugar fix – Cake sales and coffee mornings are always a winner! Not only will you raise money for research into MS but it’s a great excuse to get that guilt-free sugar fix!
  • Have a laugh – Fundraising doesn’t have to be serious, in fact some of our favourite events are those that tickle our funny bones! Hosting a fancy dress or a karaoke night will give you the chance to laugh with your colleagues whilst doing something good for charity!
  • It’s easy – Although there can be a lot of pressure to be the “hostess with the mostest”, with the help of our Kiss Goodbye to MS team behind you, organising your event is made so much easier (email us, call us, text us, Facebook us – we are here to help you!)
  • Community spirit – When you fundraise for Kiss Goodbye to MS, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded people who want to fight this disease. Having such a great network around you makes the tough times of your challenge so much better.
  • Meet people – Kiss Goodbye to MS has the best supporters! By getting involved you will meet so many amazing people who share a common goal – Kissing Goodbye to this disease!
  • Learn more – By following and fundraising Kiss Goodbye to MS you will learn more about the world of research into MS.
  • Make a difference – Every single dollar you raise through your fundraising goes to accelerating the process of finding better treatments, prevention and cures for MS.