Do you love someone with MS?

One of the most common things we hear from people who have just been diagnosed with MS is fear. And it is not fear for themselves. It is fear for the ones they love. We find that more than anything people are more worried about how this disease will impact on the lives of their family than how it will change their own. Will my ability to be a parent change? And what impact will this have on my husband or wife?

And that is the thing about MS (and any other chronic illness). It doesn’t just effect the person who has been diagnosed. There are 23,000 Aussies living with MS. And we know that there are 7.3 million of us out there who love someone with the disease.

Last year, for the first time ever, we had more supporters raise funds because they love someone with MS than ever before. It is uplifting to witness the way families rally behind someone who has MS. Kiss Goodbye to MS gives those who love someone with MS the chance to do something – a big thing with a disease where often there is nothing you can do.

Peter Yates’ wife, Kitty, has MS and to raise funds for MS Research Australia he has committed to riding 235km. Uphill. In under 13 hours. If that isn’t a true statement of love and support then we don’t know what is.

Peter says “My beautiful wife, Kitty, has MS. I’ve told her that if cycling around Australia could bring a cure, then I’d head off tomorrow.”

While cycling around Australia won’t help solve the complexities that are MS, raising funds for research into MS certainly will. And so this is exactly what Peter is doing.

“I will cycle one of the toughest 1 day events in Australian cycling, the Falls Creek 3 Peaks in the Australian Alps… I can’t take Kitty’s struggles away. If I could I would. But I’m determined to show solidarity and suffer for the cause. And so, I am asking my friends to dig deep. This ride is special! This one is for your Kitty,” Peter said.

Loving someone with MS and the inability to help can at times be pretty tough. As a husband or bestie all you want to do is solve the problem, something that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Deciding to raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS is how some people, like Peter, are able to help.

If you love someone who has MS and would like to raise some funds for research we would love to hear from you! Raising funds is actually pretty simple, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Register via our website or send us an email at And as Peter Yates said “Thanks for your support – I am humbled.” (PS you can donate to Pete’s page here)