A few more favourite moments… The 2016 City To Surf

We are counting down our favourite moments from 2016! We started with 5, but quickly realised that we have too many favourite moments to celebrate only five. You can read about our top 5 moments of the year here, but we are also taking a moment to celebrate the enormous effort from all of our supporters in the 2016 City to Surf!

Fourteen kilometres and more than $20,000 raised, the 2016 City to Surf was a highlight of our year. On a chilly August morning 120 people proudly donned their Kiss Goodbye to MS running singlets alongside 80,000 other runners at Sydney’s Hyde Park. They all had one thing in their mind… the finish line which was still 14km away. But our Kiss Goodbye to MS community is never afraid of a challenge, and these 120 runners were ready for the next couple of hours ahead of them. Our runners powered through Hyde Park, climbed Heartbreak Hill and charged across the finish line at Bondi Beach. They were exhausted, proud, elated… and ready for a cold drink.

Of course, we were prepared and standing by ready to supply the drinks! All of our runners were invited to join us on the beach at our VIP marquee. Runners were treated to massages, a delicious BBQ lunch, cold drinks, and one of the most famous views in Australia… stunning Bondi Beach. With the sun shining and the food and drinks flowing, it was the perfect opportunity to chat to our runners and personally say thank you.

And when we say thank you, we really mean thank you. We appreciate every training run, every person who got out of bed exceptionally early on that Sunday morning, and every single step that was taken to bring 120 people wearing Kiss Goodbye to MS singlets to Bondi Beach. We really hope we aren’t pushing the friendship when we say… ‘see you next year’?!