In 2016 we have raised $1,007,469 for research into MS!

Our mission is clear – to find the cure for multiple sclerosis. To do this we are committed to funding the best research in Australia, and to do this, we rely on your support. In 2016 our aim was to raise $1 million to contribute to the projects funded by MS Research Australia in 2017. This was a huge, bold target, and we worked hard throughout the year to give us the best shot of achieving it.

We are so proud to say that today we officially reached our target!

In 2016 Kiss Goodbye to MS has raised $1,007,469 for MS Research Australia. We know that finding a cure for MS is only a matter of time, and accelerating research is how we will get there.

We certainly can’t take all the credit for this! Every dollar of the $1,007,469 that we have raised has come from your generosity! Whether you were at the top of our leader board, raised a few hundred dollars or donated your spare change, we couldn’t have raised a million dollars without you. We are so grateful to have a positive and uplifting community who are committed to changing the reality of what a diagnosis with MS means. We, like you, dream of the day where we can whole heartedly say that the world is free from MS. Until that day we will continue to work hard, raise as much funds for research as we can, and bring us a step closer to that dream.

Thank you for your support in 2016, what a year it has been! We can’t wait for an even bigger year in 2017.