Alison Ferguson’s “Masquerade for MS” Gala Dinner

Alison Ferguson is one of our amazing Kiss Goodbye To MS fundraisers, who knows firsthand what it’s like to live with MS after her diagnosis in 2010.

MS was already in Alison’s family, with her uncle battling the disease for over 20 years. Not long after her diagnosis, her sister Vicki was also confirmed as having MS. With so many people touched by the disease, the entire family have thrown their support behind Alison’s fundraising plans.

Alison’s has previously held numerous fundraising events, but this year she set her sites even higher, hosting the “Masquerade for MS” Gala Dinner at the Conobolas Hotel in Orange.

The theme of the night was inspired by the invisible symptoms of MS, with 200 guests masking up and becoming invisible. The event was a huge success, and the total raised was $60,000! Alison also received a large, generous donation on the night.

All funds raised by Kiss Goodbye To MS go towards research projects funded by MS Research Australia. We would like to thank our wonderful fundraisers and donors who continue to inspire and amaze us with their efforts and generosity.