A few more favourite moments from 2016 – Alison’s Masquerade Ball

In the lead up to the end of the year our team got a little nostalgic, remembering what an incredible year it has been. We decided to celebrate our favourite moments, counting down the top 5 things that happened with Kiss Goodbye to MS this year. But as we started making our list we quickly realised how many wonderful memories we had from the year. So we decided that if we have so many favourite moments… why just stick to our top 5?

Another of our favourite moments from 2016 was getting a phone call from Alison Ferguson after her Masquerade Ball. Each year Alison puts a huge amount of work into organising this event in the NSW town of Orange. The event draws together the whole community, who rally behind Alison with support.

Alison and her sister both have MS, and in what is incredibly unusual, their uncle also has the disease. It is this family connection that drives her to support research into MS. Alison was inspired to organise her own fundraising event after attending a friends fundraising morning tea a few years ago. Seeing the passion and support at that event, Alison knew she could also do something to make a difference. And what a huge difference she has made!

On the night, Alison received a very generous donation bringing her total raised for the event to a huge $60,000! The photos of the night perfectly tell the story, with everyone wearing a smile and celebrating an incredible family, and an amazing event.

There are some phone calls you will always remember, and hearing the joy in Alison’s voice that day after her event is one of those. Thank you to Alison and her community for an amazing effort in 2016 (and every other year!), we are so grateful for your support.