Our Ambassadors

Inspiring Australians who help

Our Ambassadors work tirelessly sharing their journey with MS to inspire Australians to help “Kiss Goodbye to MS” once and for all!

After the shock diagnosis of MS at the age of 27, Melissa has focused her energy on living a healthy fulfilled life despite the challenges that MS brings. With a strong focus on balanced healthy eating, mental health and regular exercise, Melissa is determined to keep her MS at bay! In addition, Melissa also gives […]

Monique has been living with MS for 15 years. Rather than let the disease get the best of her, she embarked on a career in health and is the successful co-founder of nutritional supplement company Nuzest, and mother of a little girl. Monique believes research is the key to Kiss Goodbye to MS!

You might know Bonnie as our trusted Oz Beauty Expert, our go to for everything hair and make-up. Bonnie is passionate about educating her female following, and as a young mother in the prime of her career, Kiss Goodbye to MS is a cause very close to her heart that she is helping us raise awareness for!

You may know Henry from the ‘Ride for a Cure’ who took on the Mongol Derby. Henry has experienced first hand the impact that MS can have on a loved one, as his dad Rob is living with MS. His passion & determination to find a cure for MS will help us Kiss Goodbye to […]

Kerrie was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and has since been living with Primary Progressive MS. But MS doesn’t stop her! Kerrie has dedicated her life to raising awareness and funds for MS research. She is determined to maintain her strength by working out regularly and even launched her own candle business!

Diagnosed at the age of 32 years old, Adriana almost gave up on her dream of becoming a mother. Today, she’s absolutely killing it at life, juggling two miracle babies with another one on the way and spreading the Kiss Goodbye to MS message!

Jemma is one of the hottest talents in Australian cricket and a passionate Barista who makes a mean cup of coffee. When Jemma was diagnosed at only 19 years old, she decided to tell her story to help others living with MS and to emphasise the need for MS research to Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Jess is an accomplished writer and media personality. When Jess’s best friend was diagnosed with MS she decided to do what she does best – talk. And together Jess and Renee have been sharing our Kiss Goodbye to MS message ever since.

Renee has been a senior leader at the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation for over 8 years, and is mum to two children. When Renee was diagnosed with MS she decided to support Kiss Goodbye to MS and take a stand for the 25,600 Australians with MS.

Rochelle’s sister, a mum to four, was shocked by her MS diagnosis – like all young women she thought she was invincible. As the co-owner of Laser Clinics Australia and a committed philanthropist, Rochelle and her family are longstanding supporters of MS Research Australia and dream of a world free from MS.

Jillian was diagnosed with MS at the age of 42, and her symptoms began almost overnight. Prior to diagnosis Jillian was a successful journalist, but has since turned her skills to writing books dedicated to helping people touched by MS and sharing her own personal journey.

Shortly after her honeymoon Emma was diagnosed with MS. A young mum to two little girls, Emma refuses to let her MS stand in her way, and is a dedicated fundraiser, ambassador and volunteer for MS Research Australia.

Mez is passionate about finding a cure for MS, having been diagnosed over 12 years ago. Mez is not only a committed Ambassador of Kiss Goodbye to MS but she dedicates her marketing, media and social media expertise to make a difference to our campaign.