Aussie celebrities are Kissing Goodbye to MS

What do Jen Hawkins, Megan Gale, Leisel Jones and Natalie Bassingthwaite all have in common? Okay, they probably have quite a few things in common! They are all inspirational, driven, successful Aussie women. However, one more (important!) thing they share is that they are all supporting Kiss Goodbye to MS this May!

This year our hashtag #KissGoodbyeToMS has been flooded by people posting pictures supporting Kiss Goodbye to MS. Every day Australians have been pouting for our cause, as well as a stream of bloggers, influencers, musicians, actresses, media personalities and sportswomen. The positive social media on Kiss Goodbye to MS has been so successful that the Daily Mail even published an article “For a good cause! Supermodels Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale don red lipstick to pledge support to Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign.”

Last week Jen Hawkins posted a picture of her wearing a stunning red lipstick to her 850,000+ followers saying “MS affects over 23,000 Aussies. I was surprised to find out 3 out of 4 with the disease are women. You can get involved and raise awareness by posting a red lippy pic with #KissGoodbyeToMS.” Jen even posted a link to our website in her bio, encouraging her followers to get involved. The post got more than 11,000 likes! Iconic Australian supermodel Megan Gale received 110 comments of support when she posted a red lippy pic with #KissGoodbyeToMS, saying “Kiss Goodbye to MS is a campaign about hope for those living with MS”.

To date #KissGoodbyeToMS has been posted 14,500 times on Instagram from all over the world. The hashtag has thousands of red lippy pictures, people declaring their support for the 2.3million people around the world who are living with multiple sclerosis.

And it is not just on social media that Kiss Goodbye to MS is gaining traction. The Australian media has also thrown their support behind our campaign.

Vogue Australia published an online article on MS, detailing the disease, the advancements we are making and the early warning signs. The article, titled “Multiple sclerosis is on the rise in Australia – especially among young women. Here’s how you can raise funds to help find a cure”, is factual and informative, taking a huge leap in educating young Aussie women about what MS really is.

As well as Vogue Australia and the Daily Mail, Kiss Goodbye to MS has also been featured across a huge range of radio stations, by SBS news, 7News Melbourne, Popsugar and The Daily Mail published not one, but two articles, the second one profiling our Ambassador Adriana Condello, who is expecting twins! The support for Kiss Goodbye to MS in 2017 has been incredible, proving that Australians are right there alongside us as we work hard to find the cure for MS.