Top 5 Kiss Goodbye to MS moments in 2016 – We became a global campaign!  

This has certainly been a year we won’t forget! From early on we had this huge, audacious goal that one day we would empower not just young Aussies, but young people all around the world. We had this crazy dream that our Aussie campaign would grow up to take on the world.

In Australia Kiss Goodbye to MS has experienced huge success, empowering young people who have MS to make a difference and raise funds for MS research. We always knew that this success we have seen could be bigger and bolder – with the potential to change the global MS community.

In 2016 our dream to grow our campaign and inspire people all around the world, became a reality.

In case you didn’t hear (we aren’t sure how you could have missed it!), we joined forced with 11 other countries to bring a message of hope and positivity to the global MS community. Not only did we inspire hundreds of people around the world, collectively we have raised almost US$1,000,000 for research into MS (about A$1.3 million). We are so proud that in 2016, our incredible Kiss Goodbye to MS family, who support and uplift each other, became an international community.

We loved watching as the world Kissed Goodbye to MS in 2016. The French got rugged up and posted photos on Instagram, in America comedian Amy Schumer blew us a ‘kiss’ through a video recording, and the Spanish community translated our hashtag #KissGoodbyeToMS to #UnBesoDeDespedidaALaEM over hundreds of tweets and posts. To date, 12,289 people (and counting!) have posted their support on Instagram from every corner of the world.

This was the year the world heard about us, and what an incredible first year we have had. In 2017 the UK, Canada, Greece and Norway (and a few others we are still working with) are joining the 11 other countries already participating in Kiss Goodbye to MS and we can’t wait to see what our 2017 global campaign will bring. Stay tuned, we have a feeling that 2016 was only the beginning of our global adventure.