Celebrating the year 2016

The world has had a big year. Triumphs, heartbreak, disasters and miracles all rolled into one huge 2016. At Kiss Goodbye to MS HQ we have felt all of the above emotions (and some!) as the months rolled by. We were ecstatic when we launched our global campaign in January, feeling grateful at our launch event in April, and running on adrenaline throughout a busy May. By the time June came around we were feeling a little tired, but the running season that is August and September got us well and truly excited again. Recently we felt grief at the passing of one of our beautiful Kiss Goodbye to MS supporters, but we transitioned into a smile as we remembered her beautiful soul. And as we come into December we are feeling proud of everything that we achieved throughout the year.

2016, you have hit us with every emotion, and as we come to the end of the year we are feeling pretty grateful. We are grateful for our supportive community, for our passionate fundraisers and our generous donors. Thank you for joining us on our journey that was 2016. To celebrate another amazing year we are counting down our top 5 moments that made up 2016. It was pretty hard to get to just five… and we may have to add a few more over the next few days!

Our top 5 Kiss Goodbye to MS moments in 2016…

  1. Tav to the Top – Our all time favourite moment was following the ‘Tav to The Top’ journey. This group decided to ride to Mount Kosciuszko to raise funds for research into MS, inspired by their mate who has MS. Although no one in the group was a cyclist, every team member made the 5 day climb to the top, and together they raised $74,226!
  2. We went global – This was the year our Aussie campaign took on the world. We joined forces with 11 other countries and have raised US $1 million around the world! Comedian Amy Schumer even blew a kiss to show her support of the initiative.
  3. Red Lab Coat Day – our favourite day of the year, where 130 MS researchers switch their regular white lab coat for a red Kiss Goodbye to MS coat to raise awareness for the important work our Aussie researchers are doing. Our researcher’s certainly aren’t camera shy!
  4. Tom Pembroke’s swim – Tom, a Sydney teacher, swam 2, back to back, marathon swims to raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS. He raised an incredible $21,765 and the same amount for The Kid’s Cancer Project! But our favourite part of this story is the lesson Tom taught his students about commitment, determination and giving back.
  5. Our launch event – We love an opportunity to meet our amazing community in person and the Kiss Goodbye to MS launch breaky held overlooking Sydney Harbour, was the perfect chance to do that! The event was a definite highlight of our year because we got to meet so many inspiring Kiss Goodbye to MS supporters.

Thanks for joining us on one hell of a year! We couldn’t have done it without you.